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Real Estate Transaction Attorneys And Boundary Dispute Litigators

Thomason, Swanson & Zahn, PLLC, in Park Rapids serves clients throughout Hubbard County and northern Minnesota. When you need a real estate transaction attorney or a landlord tenant dispute lawyer, our team of real estate attorneys and litigators have decades of experience in northern Minnesota real estate matters, including negotiating lease agreements, rental agreements or litigating boundary disputes.

Serving The Park Rapids Community For Real Estate Matters

Real estate and property law can cover a wide range of legal transactions and issues. Our real estate attorneys help clients with the following property law services, including but not limited to:

  • Commercial and residential real estate transactions
  • Subdivision and development requirements
  • Deed restrictions and covenants
  • Land use regulations, laws and permits
  • Mortgage law and escrow claims
  • Property tax appeals

Most real estate matters are transactional. However, when disputes arise or challenges with respect to the law have to be made, our seasoned litigators can take real estate matters to the next level whenever necessary.

Real Estate Boundary Disputes

Northern Minnesota can have unique legal issues relating to land use and boundaries. When a boundary dispute erupts our boundary dispute attorneys can help. When there are accusations of misuse or a dispute about the legal boundaries, our litigators can assist. As a general practice law firm, our attorneys have experience in a wide range of legal matters. They can also provide assistance if you are facing criminal charges for a Department of Natural Resources (DNR) violation.

Providing Legal Counsel For A Landlord Tenant Dispute

Thomason, Swanson & Zahn, PLLC, represents landlords, tenants, property managers and storage unit owners in all areas of landlord tenant law. Conflicts between landlords and tenants can quickly evolve into legal matters. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, our attorneys have experience meeting all of our clients’ needs, including:
  • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating leases, rental agreements, and other landlord tenant agreements
  • Reviewing contracts for compliance with local, state and federal laws
  • Lease termination and evictions
  • Lease violations
  • Repair and maintenance disputes
  • Rent collection and security deposit disputes
  • Residential and commercial real estate issues
  • Storage unit conflict, eviction, and lien enforcement
We assist clients in navigating Minnesota law, whether drafting agreements to anticipate and avoid legal issues, or protecting the rights of a landlord or tenant involved in a dispute.

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