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Helping Children Through Divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2020 | Divorce

Thousands of kids experience the stress of divorce each year. How they react depends on their age, personality, and the circumstances of the separation and divorce process.

Every divorce will affect the kids involved — and many times the initial reaction is one of shock, sadness, frustration, anger, or worry. But kids also can come out of it better able to cope with stress, and many become more flexible, tolerant young adults.

The most important things that both parents can do to help kids through this difficult time are:
• Keep visible conflict, heated discussions, and legal talk away from the kids.
• Minimize the disruptions to kids’ daily routines.
• Confine negativity and blame to private therapy sessions or conversations with friends outside the home.
• Keep each parent involved in the kids’ lives.

Adults going through separation and divorce need support — from friends, professionals, clergy, and family. But don’t seek support from your kids, even if they seem to want you to.

Dr. D’Arcy Lyness outlines several great tips for helping children through this difficult process in this article:

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