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The Gift of Hands: Family Circle – Laurel Hed

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Firm News

Have you ever really looked at your hands and thought about what all they have been through so far in your life?

When that song came out; ‘Daddy’s Hands’ I remember thinking about the words and becoming quite emotional because it was almost as though it had been written about my dad.

Dad could be a bit rough around the edges in our early years of life and I remember that because of the work he did his hands were like sandpaper. As the years went by Dad’s hands became much softer and so did his spirit. He realized that spilled milk or spilled sugar on the floor really didn’t bring the world to a standstill and started to laugh more and hug often.

Dad was diagnosed with a rare incurable cancer. I used to go up and visit and just loved watching him and Mom hold hands while sitting at the kitchen table. His hands had become so gentle and quiet and he would sit and visit about life and how much his life had meant to him.

The day that our first grandchild was born, Dad’s first great-grandchild, I watched as his large hands gently held Ben and cradle him. As Dad smelled him, he looked at me and said, “there is nothing more precious than the sweet smell of new baby.”

Those big hands could run across the keys of a piano making such amazing music which he played by ear. He would always want me to come and sit with him so we could play piano and sing together. And his hugs were the very best! I miss him so much.

I have learned a lot about hands from my dad and always think of him when I place my hands together in prayer knowing that he and Mom were the first ones to teach me how to fold my hands to pray.

As we all go along in this life of ours, we have no idea how our hands will be used. Will we find ourselves a caregiver to our parents, spouse, children, neighbor? Our hands can be gentle and calming to a loved one who is crying or can cool a fevered brow with a cool cloth and gentle words of encouragement. Our hands can write notes/letters to those that we miss and share our love through the written word. Our hands can reach out in a handshake, hug, wave and clap in celebration.

I think this is what I have missed the most during this time of Covid. When I meet with my clients, or continue to wait to see my mother again, I can’t reach out to greet a client or hug a friend or family member. We as humans need that human contact/touch, all the inventive ways of ‘seeing’ each other has helped but will never replace that wonderful feeling of someone hugging you and saying I missed you.

I pray that by the time this is printed we are once again reunited with our family members, friends, clients, and the neighbor down the street. At which time we will get to do more than wave but use these hands to hug and share an encouraging pat on the back or handshake. 😊